Regional Center Program

The Regional Center EB-5 Pilot Program

Offers qualifying EB-5 immigrant investors an expeditious path to permanent residency through capital investment in the United States. While the regulatory requirements for a regional center investment versus a direct investment are similar in many ways, the principal differences are that a regional center investment offers the added advantages of indirect and induced job creation, an expeditious petitioning process as well as the freedom to live, and work and travel without the responsibility of managing the day-to-day operations of the business. Investors may make a reduced threshold investment of $900,000.00 since regional center projects are located within Targeted Employment Areas or rural areas.

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Immigrant Investor Pilot Program

Regional Center designations were established as a part of the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program created in 1993 to increase interest in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. A Regional Center is defined as a federally approved economic unit, public or private, engaged in the promotion of economic growth, improved regional productivity and job creation. A Regional Center is responsible for administering EB-5 investment funds in a way that will satisfy the EB-5 immigrant investor’s EB-5 eligibility requirements.

Job Creation

Through the use of pre-approved job creation methodologies, regional centers are able to calculate a projected number of jobs that will be created from the EB-5 immigrant investors’ EB-5 investment funds. To the advantage of the EB-5 immigrant investor, the concept of job creation has been broadened from the rigid hard count of ten direct full-time jobs to also include indirect and induced job creation. Regional Center EB-5 projects and job creation are executed with the pooling of multiple EB-5 immigrant investor funds. The EB-5 immigrant investor is free to choose any Regional Center project of their liking.

We are Independent

We provide our clients with expert legal counsel and an unbiased opinion on the various USCIS pre-approved Regional Center options. Unlike other law firms, we are independent and not affiliated with any regional center, our EB-5 clients are free to choose any regional center project they wish. Rahbaran & Associates has an established reputation as an EB-5 law firm. Our team has developed specialized knowledge in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program through our commitment to understanding every nuance of the EB-5 regulations and requirements. We have a 100% approval for EB-5 immigrant investor visa petitions.