Other Visas

Other legal services offered by our firm include A and B visa petitioning. Rahbaran & Associates will help to determine your eligibility and advise on the documentary criteria necessary when applying for either visa type.

A Visa “Diplomats and Foreign Governmental Officials”

The A-1 visa is a non immigrant for temporary stay visa designed for foreign officers of permanent diplomatic missions or consular posts in the U.S., as well as visiting high level officials of a foreign state. Heads of State or Government can qualify for an A visa regardless of the purpose of his or her visit to the U.S. For diplomats and other government officials, the type of visa required by a will depend upon their purpose of travel.

B Visa “Visitor for Business or Pleasure’

Business travelers may enter the United States using a B-1 “Visitor for Business” visa. B-1 visas are often invariably issued as B-2 “Visitor for Pleasure” visas allowing candidates with an old tourist visa to qualify for a planned business trip. Those entering the U.S. on a B-2 visa are granted admission for 6 months with the possibility of extension of stay for up to another six months. In the cases where a candidate requires a longer term visa, he or she may apply for a change of status as long as the candidate is able to prove that there was no preconceived intent to do so when applying for the B-1 or B-2 visa.

G Visa “Employees of International Organizations”

The G visa is a non immigrant classification for representatives of international organizations and dependent family members. The purpose of a representative’s travel must be in accordance with official duties. There are subcategories within the G visa classification under which a representative may qualify. Permanent mission members of a recognized government to a designated international organization are eligible for the G-1 visa. Representatives of a recognized government traveling to the U.S. temporarily to attend meetings of a designated international organization are eligible for G-2 visas while representatives of non-recognized or non-member governments are eligible for G-3 visas. G-4 visas are issued to individuals requiring travel to the U.S. to attend an appointment in the United States at a designated international organization, including the United Nations.