Form i-526 information

There is no denying that the foreign investment and immigration regulations set by the American government can be confusing for most people. You can imagine the stacks of document you have to fill out just so your credentials can be evaluated by the authorities. If you miss a single requirement, your application is as good as denied. As you put in a great deal of time, energy, and money to prepare your requirements and comply with guidelines, it is only reasonable to gather valuable I-526 information and fully understand what you need to do to avoid seeing your efforts go to waste.

Form I-526 for Alien Entrepreneur is one of the requirements you need to file for your investor visa application. In a nutshell, this is used by foreign investors of a new commercial enterprise to petition USCIS for status as an immigrant to the U.S.

When to File the Form

The USCIS laid down guidelines to help you understand when you should file form I-526. One of the instances, when you must submit this form, is when you intend to play an active role in running the business by holding a managerial position or engaging in policy development.
Take note that you have to file the petition if your goal is to simply get a green card and passively participate in the management of the venture.

How to Get Approved

The USCIS will evaluate your application based on several criteria. The government agency will check key components such as your Investment Capital, Source of Capital, Amount of Investment, and Employment Creation.

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